Lest We Forget

a touring exhibition of visual art and prose vignettes illustrating the early years of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany
and the refugee experience.

Touring Exhibition

A powerful artistic experience changes the viewer into a participant who is reminded to NEVER FORGET and is empowered to accept responsibility to repair the world.  


Please download the touring packet for more information about bringing ​Lest We Forget to your community.


Each of the art pieces measures
28” (h) x 21.75” (w), and ranges in depth from 4"-8". While most hang vertically, four art pieces hang horizontally

Prose Panel

Each of the prose panels measures 12 ” (h) x 24” (w). All hang vertically.

Grouping - Artwork & Prose Panel

Depending on spacing, when the full collection of 24 sets
is hung, it requires approximately 125 linear feet of space.