Lest We Forget

a touring exhibition of visual art and prose vignettes illustrating the early years of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany
and the refugee experience.

The Exhibition

…is a touring collection of twenty-four 3D multi-media works of art with short literary vignettes. Two artists, Sandra Brick and Holocaust survivor, Fred Amram, explore a Jewish youngster’s coming-of-age, first in Holocaust Germany, and then as a refugee in the United States.

The Holocaust did not begin with Kristallnacht in 1938 nor with Auschwitz in 1940. As early as 1933, Fred Amram was born in a Catholic Infants Home because Jewish mothers no longer had access to public or Jewish hospitals. In an exhibition of multi-media works, textile artist Sandra Brick translates Amram’s stories into visual art. We learn about the early days of the Holocaust and about a Jewish refugee family coming to America, absorbing a new language and adapting to a new culture.